About Us

Rosewood the label is a free spirited brand that offers cohesive color palettes and thoughtfully designed pieces for the modern mama and her babies. With a focus on inviting neutrals, quality construction, and careful attention to detail, we believe in simplicity, consistency, and creating products that stand the test of time.


Our goal is to leave this earth a little better than how we know it, by using recycled materials and limiting unnecessary waste — from the design process all the way to manufacturing. We believe our clothes are meant to be loved hard and handed down. By taking these steps, we hope to minimize our footprint on our favorite mama, Mother Earth, because we believe our children deserve a better world. 



Meet Lola

Lola began her journey in fashion design as a young girl when she would dream up outfits for her American Girl dolls. During her summers in Mexico, she would visit the local modiste and take various fabrics and drawn out-sketches so they could bring to life the dress ideas that danced in her head.

At 19 years old, Lola moved to Los Angeles to study Fashion Design at FIDM. After working with various brands, she has spent the last 7 years designing for a high-end women's fashion brand where she was able to push her creativity and define her vision as a designer. 

After having her daughter, Maya, in December of 2018, Lola found herself once again dreaming up teeny tiny dress designs — and just like that, Rosewood the label was created. As a designer and a mama, Lola understands how important it is to bring high-quality clothing to your babies that are both stylish and functional. Using ultra-soft textiles that incorporate modern prints and patterns, each and every piece in this collection is designed with intent and a whole lotta love.


Meet Ashlee

With an early entrepreneurial spirit, Ashlee started her first “company” at the age of 10 as a certified babysitter — complete with a backpack full of Dollar Store prizes for each of her kiddos. Then, at 25, she started her first “grown-up” company as an agent representing print and fit models for the fashion industry. This company allowed her to both hone her business skills as well as travel the world exploring the realm of garment manufacturing.

After building a successful agency and now, with nearly 20 years of experience working in garment production behind her, Ashlee was ready for a new adventure — one where she was able to utilize her one-of-a-kind expertise while pushing the boundaries of an industry she’s come to know and love. With her unique knowledge of manufacturing and her fierce passion for sustainability, Rosewood the label is the perfect fit.